SS Test Opener Cricket Batting Pads
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SS Test Opener Cricket Batting Pads | NZ

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SS Test Opener Cricket Batting Pads  

Get kitted out with the best cricket gear from SS Cricket If you're looking for quality cricket gear then look no further than SS Cricket. Our range of batting pads is perfect for Club and County players alike. Our traditional design batting pads are made from high-density foam with vertical cane bolsters. They're lightweight and flexible, making them perfect for those long innings. Plus, we've added a broad shin protection strip to keep you safe when playing at the crease.

A Top Line product from SS Cricket. Suitable for playing at Club and County levels.

* Traditional Design Batting Pads.

* High-Density Foam with vertical Cane Bolsters.

* Light Weight and Flexible.

* Broad shin protection Strip.

* Fine Quality PU facing for easy maintenance and durability

* PVC Instep - wear-resistant, long-lasting piping for durability.


* Junior and Youth Sizes available on back order.

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